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The Tuberculosis Behavioral and Social Science Research Forum Proceedings

Section III. Results of Breakout Groups Sessions

Outline of Major TB Behavioral and Social Science Research Topics and Subtopics Identified at the Forum

  1. Background
    1. Health disparities
  2. Intrapersonal
    1. Patientsí knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions
    2. Patientsí behaviors
      1. Health care-seeking behaviors
      2. Adherence to treatment
    3. Patient satisfaction
    4. Social stigma
    5. Providersí knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions
    6. Provider training and practices
      1. Diverse training
      2. Cultural competency
      3. Clinical practices
  3. Interpersonal
    1. Communication between patients and providers
    2. Family and peer influences
  4. Health Systems and Organizations
    1. Organizational structure
      1. Collaborations between provider communities and systems
      2. Impact of sharing patient information
    2. Service delivery
      1. Patient-centered approaches
      2. Case management
      3. Advantages and disadvantages of directly observed therapy
      4. Role of incentives and enablers
      5. Contact investigations
      6. Health communications
      7. Special challenges of high risk settings and populations
        1. HIV/TB
        2. Homelessness, unstable housing, and mental health issues
        3. High mobility jobs and migrant labor
        4. Incarceration
        5. Substance use
        6. Foreign born
        7. Pediatrics
  5. Community
    1. Impact of TB services on communities and patients
      1. Influences of family and social networks
      2. Social stigma
  6. Public Policy
    1. Government commitment and funding
    2. Health insurance
    3. Immigration policies

Figure 2: Outline of Major TB Behavioral and Social Science Research Topics and Subtopics

Figure 2 is an illustration of the outline of the major TB behavioral and social science research topics and subtopics. The text of the outline can also be found above


Released October 2008
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