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Text for Figures and Slides in TB Behavioral and Social Science Research Forum Proceedings


Nick DeLuca, M.A.
Lead Health Education Specialist,
Division of TB Elimination,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Slide #1: Next Steps Proceedings

  • Entertain additional input on further research needs (e.g. via list-serv, email, etc.)
  • CDC Team will synthesize ideas
  • Share and solicit input on initial draft
  • Finalize

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Slide #2: Next Steps for Agenda

  • Forum results
  • Literature review
  • Workgroups

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Slide #3: Acknowledgements

External Steering Committee

  • Patrick Chaulk
  • Paul Colson
  • Ana Lopez-Defede
  • Don Morisky
  • Mark Nichter 
  • Jessica Ogden
  • Charles Wallace

TB Program Staff

  • Beverly DeVoe (GA Department of Human Resources)
  • Francine Greiner (DeKalb County Health Department, GA)

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Slide #4: Acknowledgements


  • Abt Associates
    • Ted Hammett
    • Cristina Booker
    • Brandon Long
  • Institute of Cultural Affairs
    • Martha Talbot

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Slide #5: Acknowledgements

CDC/National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention Colleagues

  • Rachel Albalak
  • Gaby Benenson
  • Warren Benson
  • Regina Bess
  • Betsy Carter
  • Ken Castro
  • Hsin-Hsin Foo
  • Maria Fraire
  • Sherry Hussain
  • Brenda Holmes
  • Teresa Goss
  • Harold Jaffe
  • Heather Joseph
  • Elizabeth Kalayil
  • Amera Khan
  • Scott McCoy
  • Kate O’Toole
  • Paul Poppe
  • Wanda Walton

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Released October 2008
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination -

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