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A Guide to Developing a TB Program Evaluation Plan

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Slide 0: Introduction to Program Evaluation

Slide 1: What You Will Learn from These Sessions

Slide 2: Session 1

Slide 3: Session 1

Slide 4: What is Evaluation?

Slide 5: Research vs. Evaluation

Slide 6:

Slide 7: If the Goal of Evaluation is...

Slide 8: Surveillance & Monitoring vs. Program Evaluation

Slide 9: What Can be Evaluated?

Slide 10: When to Conduct Evaluation?

Slide 11: Why Evaluate Programs?

Slide 12: CDC Framework for Program Evaluation

Slide 13: Steps in Program Evaluation

Slide 14: Underlying Logic of 6 Steps

Slide 15: Establishing the Best Focus Means

Slide 16: Standards for Effective Evaluationl

Slide 17: The Four Standards

Slide 18: Standard: Utility

Slide 19: Standard: Feasibility

Slide 20: Standard: Propriety

Slide 21: Standard: Accuracy

Slide 22: Engaging Stakeholders (Step 1)

Slide 23:

Slide 24: Identifying Stakeholders

Slide 25: Identifying Stakeholders

Slide 26: Which Stakeholders Matter Most?

Slide 27: Engaging Stakeholders

Slide 28: Any Questions?

Slide 29: Your turn


Released October 2008
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention
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