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Effective TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation: Facilitator Led Training Guide


10. Course Activities

Course Contents

This section contains all of the interactive activities for the Effective TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation Course. The agenda gives you an overview of the activities and approximately how long each activity takes. You may revise the agenda, depending on your participants’ needs and time available for the course. For example, if your group has a strong foundation of the basics but needs some “refresher” training, you may wish to go straight to the role-plays.


Each activity is listed separately. The activity descriptions contain the following sections:

  • Objectives

  • Time allotted

  • Procedure

  • Materials needed – All of the activities have accompanying handouts, which require duplicating. For some, you may need additional items. The handouts are included immediately after each activity section.

  • Tips

You should review all of the activities before deciding how to provide the training. This will also assist you in preparing items you may need and in anticipating any questions that may arise. The activities you plan can be varied based on number of facilitators and size of group.

Each activity may also contain handouts for the participants, group leaders, and group observers. Course facilitator’s instructions are also designated. These are marked respectively as

Participant Leader Observer Facilitator

All handouts may be duplicated and modified, as needed, for distribution.

Activity Overview

Figure 5 (page 31) shows an overview of the course activities associated with the course. This is not the formal agenda. A formal agenda should be typed and duplicated for the course participants. It should include a list of the course activities along with allotted timings and additional items, including

  • Registration – This is the period of time prior to the course in which participants arrive, sign in on a preprinted roster, and receive any participant materials and name tags.

  • Breaks – You should allow at least one 15-minute break in the agenda for every 2 hours of course time. This permits participants to relax for a few minutes, network with others, and also respond to any work-related tasks. Breaks may be negotiated if you wish. For example, if a course is moving along smoothly and in a timely fashion, participants may choose to forego a break in order to leave the course early. Breaks can also be shortened if a course is behind schedule and time needs to be made up.

  • Meals – Generally, 45-60 minutes should be allotted for a lunch or dinner break, depending on the time at which the course is being held. If the meal is being provided as part of the course, the meal break can be shorter. However, if participants need to go off site to purchase their meal, this break time should allow for additional time.

  • Evaluation – About 15 minutes at the end of the course should be allotted for participants to complete the written course evaluation form.

Figure 5. Course Activities Overview

Activity Number Name of Activity Activity Format Estimated Time
1 Introduction Participant listening 10-15 minutes
2 Icebreaker Informal one-on-one interview 40 minutes
3 Prioritization Exercise  Written with group discussion 35 minutes
4 Infectious Period Exercise Written 30 minutes
5 Active Listening Exercise Verbal and listening – facilitated 60 minutes
6 TB Interview Strategy Exercise Case study and group interviews 95 minutes
7 TB Interview Structure Exercise Role-play 130 minutes
8 Effective TB Interviewing (optional) Modeled video interviews with facilitated discussion 35-105 minutes
9 Simulated Patients One-on-one observed interviews 60 minutes

Activity 8 is the showing of the Effective TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation video. This video provides examples of TB interviewing techniques with teaching points from actual interviewers and patients. It was designed as a self-contained teaching tool. However, the video can be used as part of this course to initiate discussion and provide examples of interviews prior to course participants actually conducting interviews. The video is 67 minutes long and can be ordered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Tuberculosis Elimination.

All activities in this section may be adapted to fit local demographics and standards of practice.


Released October 2008
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