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Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis

Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis 6-9 Introduction PDF


The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis are a series of educational modules designed to provide information about tuberculosis in a self-study format. This course is offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is health care workers such as outreach workers, nurses, physicians, administrators, and students from a variety of settings, including

  • TB programs
  • Managed care organizations
  • Correctional facilities
  • Community-based organizations
  • Homeless shelters
  • Migrant clinics
  • Substance abuse facilities
  • Nursing and medical schools
  • Other facilities serving persons with or at risk for TB

About the Modules

The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis series consists of a total of nine modules that are separated into two separate courses. The first course, Modules 1-5, provides basic information on TB. The second course, Modules 6-9, provides more specific TB programmatic information. It is recommended that you work through Modules 1-5 before proceeding to Modules 6-9. For more information on Modules 1-5 see Companion Products below.

This package contains Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, 6-9, and includes four modules, an introduction, and a glossary.

Introduction (this page)
Module 6: Contact Investigations for Tuberculosis
Module 7: Confidentiality in Tuberculosis Control

Module 8: Tuberculosis Surveillance and Case Management in Hospitals and Institutions
Module 9: Patient Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment

A few topics have been repeated in several of the modules to enable the modules to be used either as a complete course or as stand-alone booklets.

Each module contains the following sections:

Background: Background information to help you understand the purpose of the module

Objectives: A guide to the information you should learn from the module

New Terms: A list of terms that are introduced in the module and listed in the glossary

Reading Material: The reading material for the module, including diagrams, charts, illustrations, and photographs

Study Questions: Sets of questions, spread throughout the reading material, designed to help you assess how well you have learned the content of the module. Be sure to take advantage of these valuable exercises because they will help you prepare for the final examination. Answers are provided at the end of the module so that you can check your work.

Case Studies: Case studies designed to help you apply the concepts you have learned in the module. Answers are provided at the end of the module so that you can check your work.

Summary: A description of key points in the module

Additional Reading: A list of references for additional information

Continuing Education

Continuing education units (CEUs), continuing nursing units (CNEs), and continuing medical education units (CMEs) are free of charge for this course. For more information, contact the Public Health Training Network at 1-800-41-TRAIN (1-800-418-7246). In your request, please indicate you are interested in continuing education for course number SS-3036, Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, 6-9.

Companion Products

Modules 1-5

Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, 1-5, includes five modules, an introduction, and a glossary. It is available in print-based format or in a Web-based format (see below)

Module 1: Transmission and Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis
Module 2: Epidemiology of Tuberculosis
Module 3: Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection and Disease
Module 4: Treatment of Tuberculosis Infection and Disease
Module 5: Infectiousness and Infection Control

The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, 1-5, and Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, 6-9, can be ordered from several sources depending on your needs.

  • If you want to register for either of the courses and receive continuing education credit, contact the Public Health Training Network (1-800-41-TRAIN). Please specify Modules 1-5 course number SS-3035 or Modules 6-9 course number SS-3036.
  • If you do not want to register for continuing education credit you can request a copy of the modules from the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination at (404) 639-8135 or order them online at

Web-Based Format

The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis are available in an interactive Web-based format on the World Wide Web. This format has interactive features such as animation, study questions, case studies, and links to other TB-related sites.

Visit the course Web site at

Satellite Courses

The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis served as the basis for two satellite courses:

Modules 1-5

A Satellite Primer on Tuberculosis (Modules 1-5) was a five-part series of 1.5-hour broadcasts airing May 4, May 11, May 18, June 1, and June 8, 1995. Videotape copies of this course are available from Alabama Department of Public Health, (334) 206-5618

Modules 6-9

TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9 is a three-part series of 2-hour broadcasts airing January 27, February 3, and February 10, 2000. Videotape copies are available (after March 2000) from CDC, Division of Tuberculosis Eliminiation, (404) 639-8135, or by ordering online at


The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis have won several awards for excellence. These include

  • 1996 Outstanding Instructional Product or Intervention Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement for A Satellite Primer on Tuberculosis (Modules 1-5)
  • 1999 Freddie Award for the Infectious Disease Category from the International Health Medical and Health Film Competition for the Web-based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis (Modules 1-9)

Additional Questions

CDC welcomes your comments and questions on the Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis. If you have comments about the content of the course, or if you have a question about a study question or a case study, please address this to us via email at or in writing at

Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, MS E-10
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd, NE
Atlanta, GA 30333

For additional information on tuberculosis, visit CDCís Division of TB Elimination Web site at


Released October 2008
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