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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 3, 2004


Benefits of Using the TB Information CD-ROM

Consider the time, money, and effort it takes to produce, update, and distribute each of the TB education and training products available on the DTBE Publications Order Form.  Managing these products efficiently is a high priority in DTBE’s Communications, Education, and Behavioral Studies Branch.  We are always looking for innovative ways to keep you supplied with cost-efficient, up-to-date products. Thus, we are pleased to announce that the TB Information CD-ROM, version 4, is now available.

With the exception of videos, this CD-ROM holds every item that can be ordered from the DTBE Publications Order Form. Owing to shrinking funds available for printing, we encourage you to order and use the TB Information CD-ROM instead of print-based materials when targeting specific audiences (e.g., physicians or health care workers). As shown in the tables below, the costs associated with producing and distributing copies of the CD-ROM are significantly less than those for printing and distributing print-based products.

Costs of producing DTBE products

Production of…

Costs DTBE

1 copy of each publication on the TB Information CD-ROM


1 copy of the TB Information CD-ROM


Costs of mailing DTBE products

Distribution of…

Costs DTBE

1 copy of the Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis (which is on the CD-ROM)


1 copy of the TB Information CD-ROM


Not only does DTBE realize cost-saving benefits when you use the TB Information CD-ROM, there are many other benefits that directly affect you:

  • Saves storage space. One disk holds all of the products (approximately 50) currently found on the DTBE Publications Order Form, except videos.
  • Provides more up-to-date information.  We are able to update single pieces of information on the CD-ROM more quickly and easily than we can update an entire print-based product.
  • Provides access to documents that are currently out of stock. Some documents whose print versions are currently out of stock are included on the CD-ROM (e.g., Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis).
  • Provides instant access to information. The Web interface reduces the amount of time it takes to find information, with menus and links to related documents.
  • Conserves resources. Using the CD-ROM reduces the amount of paper and energy consumed in producing, storing, and distributing DTBE print-based products.

You may order the CD-ROM in the following ways:

  • Through DTBE’s online ordering system:
  • By mailing or faxing a DTBE Educational and Training Materials Order Form
  • Through the CDC Voice and Fax Information System by calling, toll-free, 1-888-232-3228 and requesting the TB Information CD-ROM, order #99-6879.

So next time you are ready to order TB education and training materials, join us in our cost-saving efforts — order the TB Information CD-ROM.

—Submitted by Betsy Carter, MPH, CHES
Div of TB Elimination

Mini-Fellowship Update

The purpose of a DTBE mini-fellowship is to provide DTBE staff with first-hand experience with and knowledge about the role of public health agencies in carrying out TB control activities. The Francis J. Curry, Charles P. Felton, and New Jersey Medical School National TB Model Centers offer mini-fellowships through which they share their TB expertise and knowledge with DTBE staff.

Regina Bess and Amera Khan, Health Education Specialists in the Communications, Education, and Behavioral Studies Branch of DTBE, had a unique opportunity to participate in mini-fellowships at both the Charles P. Felton and the New Jersey Medical School National TB Model Centers in February 2004. 

Regina and Amera spent the first part of their fellowship at the Charles P. Felton National Tuberculosis Center at Harlem Hospital. The Harlem center provided the fellows an overview of the center’s history, its current projects, and its clinic and fast-track visit operations, as well as an opportunity to observe DOT in the field. They met with Harlem center staff, including former TB patients now serving as peer support workers in the Tuberculosis Adherence Partnership Alliance Study (TAPAS). They also received a geographic and historic tour of the Harlem area, providing them with a better understanding of the sociodemographics of the community that the center serves.

The Harlem center coordinated with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to give the fellows an opportunity to learn about the Bureau of TB Control’s operations. Bureau staff provided an overview of their program structure and an opportunity to visit and learn about the clinic and outreach functions of the Brooklyn TB Chest Center and the Regional Field Office.

The next part of the mini-fellowship was conducted at the New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) National TB Model Center. Bruce MacLachlan, a Public Health Advisor in the Field Services and Evaluation Branch, joined the visit as another DTBE fellow. The visit started out with a tour and an overview of the center, conducted by the NJMS National TB Model Center Executive Director, Dr. Lee Reichman. This was followed by an overview of the center’s structure and its education, training, and research activities. Center staff provided information on the various projects and functions, including contact investigations, MDR case presentations, and the clinic structure and management. The fellows observed a case management team meeting, infusion therapy for MDR patients, the pediatric clinic, and hospital surveillance activities, as well as DOT and contact investigations in the field. The fellows also observed the center’s 2-day “TB Case Management for Nurses” course. The fellows then traveled to Trenton, NJ, to learn about the New Jersey Department of Health TB Program’s policy, management, and TB control operations.  

Regina and Amera learned much about the different Model TB Center and Department of Health operations and would like to thank the staff at the participating sites for their dedication and willingness to share their TB control operations expertise and knowledge.

—Submitted by Regina Bess and Amera Khan
Div of TB Elimination

Find Your Way to


Launched in October 2003, the TB Education and Training Resources Web – offers a wealth of resources for TB health care professionals. The main feature of the website is the searchable database of materials available from numerous national and international organizations. Users can specify fields such as language and format to find materials to meet their needs. Many materials can be printed directly from the website.

Image representing the home page for the TB Education and Training Resources Web Site.

Homepage of the Website

Users can also share their organization’s TB materials with others. A submission form (TB Materials Submission Request) can be used to submit information on any materials that are not already included in the website. The site also allows users to

  • Find out how to order TB materials
  • Locate funding opportunities
  • Get information about TB organizations
  • Find out about upcoming events
  • Sign up for TB-related electronic mailing lists and digests
  • Locate TB images
  • Locate TB-related Web links

TB Highlight of the Month

Each month, a material, resource, or event is profiled as the “Highlight of the Month” on the website’s homepage. To be submitted as the Highlight of the Month, the item must be current, orderable or available online, and visually interesting (e.g., colorful, bold, image-laden), and it must have a clearly defined topic or issue.

Past Highlights of the Month:

  • Partners in Health’s pocket guide, The PIH Guide to the Medical Management of Multidrug-Resistant TB

Image on the cover of the PIH Guide to the Medical Management of Multidrug-Resistant TB

  • CDC’s poster, World TB Day, March 24: TB Elimination: Now Is the Time!

Poster of World TB Day, March 24: TB Elimination: Now Is the Time!

  • WHO’s report, TB: Tuberculosis

Image on the cover of WHO's report, TB: Tuberculosis

  • The Migrant Clinicians Network’s book, Manual for the Management of Binational Tuberculosis Patients

Image on the cover of The Migrant Clinicians Network's book, Manual for the Management of Binational Tuberculosis Patients

  • The National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center’s booklet, Corrections Tuberculosis Training and Education Resource Guide 2004-2005

Image on the cover of Corrections Tuberculosis Training and Education Resource Guide 2004-2005

Web Site Evaluation

In the first 3 months after its launch, the site had 15,222 visits. An analysis of Web usage data indicates that the site is being accessed by both domestic and international audiences. Many of the visits are from return users, suggesting that it is meeting some users’ needs.  However, to better assess the navigability of the site and determine specific user needs, surveys and usability tests will be done in the future.

Web Site User Feedback

-  “This is very well done. The search machine seems quite flexible, and the information on the individual resource pages is perfect (source with link, physical description, format, audience, date revised, etc.).” 

- “It is really user-friendly, like a Google for TB materials.”

Be sure to bookmark the TB Education and Training Resources Web Site!

Any questions or comments about the Web site can be directed to

—Reported by Hsin-Hsin Foo, MPH, and Amera Khan, MPH
Div of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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