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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 2000

Updates from the Communications and Education Branch

Newest Revision of Core Curriculum Available

The latest edition of the Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis is available, both in print and on the Web. The Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis, 4th edition, can be accessed as well as ordered through DTBE's Website at or accessed directly at The Web version of the Core Curriculum includes an online continuing education component. You may complete the posttest and evaluation online and receive continuing medical education (CME) credit, continuing nursing education (CNE) credit, or continuing education unit (CEU) credit. A Core Curriculum slide set is also available and can be accessed at

The Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis was originally developed in 1990 in collaboration with the American Lung Association for use in planning and preparing educational activities or as a reference for the practicing clinician caring for patients with TB or TB infection. The Core Curriculum covers TB epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and infection control. This document (and accompanying slide set) were previously revised in 1994 to include current recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment, and control of TB.

If you have any questions about the online or print versions of the Core Curriculum, please contact Maria Fraire, MPH, CHES, Health Education Specialist, Division of TB Elimination/Mailstop E-10, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (404) 639-5317 Fax: (404), 639-8960, E-mail:

óReported by Maria Fraire, MPH, CHES
Division of TB Elimination

Self-Study Modules on TB

DTBE has updates on several products related to the Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis series: four new print-based modules (6-9), a national satellite broadcast series based on Modules 6-9; videotapes of TB Frontline-Satelllite Primer Continued: Modules, 6-9; and an interactive Web-based version of the original five self-study modules. Following are descriptions of each.

New Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, Modules 6 - 9

The Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis series consists of a total of nine modules that are separated into two separate courses. The original five self-study modules, released in 1995, play a vital role in providing basic knowledge about TB to health care workers. In addition to these five modules, DTBE has developed a series of four additional self-study modules, modules 6 - 9. These additional modules cover contact investigations; confidentiality; TB surveillance and case management in hospitals and institutions; and patient adherence to TB treatment. These modules were fieldtested with the target audience in conjunction with the Division of Media and Training Services, PHPPO, and were published in October 1999. Both sets of modules (1-5 and 6-9) are available from DTBE. The modules can be ordered through DTBE's online ordering system at or by calling 404-639-8063. The modules are also available through the Public Health Training Network for continuing education credit, free of charge; call toll-free 800-418-7246 to register.

National Satellite Broadcast of New Self-Study Modules on TB
TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9

TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9 was broadcast as a three-part satellite course designed to assist TB program staff meet the daily challenges of TB elimination and control. The course continued the state-of-the-art training provided in the 1995 Satellite Primer on Tuberculosis and was broadcast nationally on January 27, February 3, and February 10, 2000. The course was designed specifically for health care staff who work on the frontlines of TB prevention and control, including outreach workers, nurses, and supervisors. TB Frontline is based on the four new Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, Modules 6-9, developed by DBTE. The broadcasts reached at least 7,000 viewers at nearly 1,000 downlink sites in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

All registered course participants received copies of the new modules to read prior to the first satellite broadcast. TB Frontline used a combination of live and videotaped presentations to elaborate upon material covered in the print modules and to offer additional information to enhance the learning experience of each participant. The satellite course featured presentations by TB control experts, case studies, and video segments from actual field settings. During the live broadcasts, course participants could interact with faculty via telephone and fax. Continuing education credits were offered for various professions, based on 23 hours of instruction. Participants who preregistered, completed a pretest, and received a passing grade on a posttest were eligible to receive credits. The course and credits were offered free of charge.

TB Frontline was developed and produced by the Francis J. Curry National TB Center, DTBE, and Zamacona Productions (San Francisco, CA), in collaboration with the Charles P. Felton National TB Center at Harlem Hospital and the New Jersey Medical School National TB Center.

Videotape Set of TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9

The videotape set consists of three videotapes from the three-part satellite course entitled TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9, that was broadcast nationally on January 27, February 3, and February 10, 2000.

The videotape set contains all 6 hours of programming in the original broadcasts:

January 27, 2000 "Contact Investigations for TB" (Module 6)
February 3, 2000 "Confidentiality in TB Control," and "TB Surveillance and Case Management in Hospitals and Institutions" (Modules 7-8)
February 10, 2000 "Patient Adherence to TB Treatment" (Module 9)

DTBE has a limited supply of the TB Frontline videotape sets. State and big city TB programs can request up to five additional free videotape sets while supplies last, to be distributed in their area. In addition, while supplies last, individual public health departments can request one free copy of the TB Frontline videotape set. These can be ordered by calling DTBE at (404) 639-8135. All material in these videotapes is in the public domain. We encourage you to duplicate and share these videotapes with your TB prevention and control colleagues.

After current supplies are exhausted, the videotape sets will be available through the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) for a cost of $170 per set. To order, call NTIS toll free at (800) 553-6847 and request TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9 Videotape Set, order #AVA20848VNB3.

The video broadcasts are available for your viewing on the Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center Website at

Web-Based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis

The Web-based version of the Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis is an interactive TB training course for health care workers that provides TB knowledge accessible worldwide through the Internet. The interactive Web-based course builds upon existing products: the print-based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis (Modules 1-5 and 6-9); the 1995 Satellite Primer on Tuberculosis, and the national satellite broadcast, TB Frontline - Satellite Primer Continued: Modules 6-9. The Web-Based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis course was developed to maintain consistency with past media (print-based and satellite products) while incorporating enhancements that lend themselves to Web-based instruction:1) interactive animations; 2) multicolored graphics and figures; 3) interactive study questions and case studies; 4) hypertext links between the modules and to other resources; and 5) on-line continuing education.

The Web-based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis, Modules 1-5, were released in June 1999. Modules 6-9 will be released in the fall 2000. Course participants can earn continuing education credit through the online continuing education component of the course. The Web address for the Web-Based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis course is as follows:

óReported by Nickolas DeLuca
Division of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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