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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 2001

Updates from the Communications and Education Branch

"TB Elimination: Now Is the Time!" Brochure

As many of you know, DTBE staff are working to determine the current barriers to TB elimination and the role of communications in helping remove these barriers. To help meet these challenges, staff of DTBE and of the Office of Communications (OC), both in the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention, teamed together in a communications project.

The team gathered information from national and local partners in TB prevention and control. This information provided the team with valuable guidance on potential messages, new partners, and calls to action. Using all these resources, the team developed messages about TB prevention and control that were tested in focus groups. Through this formative research, the team identified key themes, messages, and calls to action.

In addition to this formative research, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, Ending Neglect: The Elimination of Tuberculosis in the United States, released in the spring of 2000, identified areas of decisive action that are necessary to achieve TB elimination in the United States.

DTBE has worked diligently to incorporate the information gleaned from the formative research and the IOM report into our new materials. The new DTBE brochure entitled "TB Elimination: Now Is the Time!" is our first educational piece built primarily around the messages, themes, and calls to action identified in the formative research and outlined in the IOM report.

The brochure includes information on the following topics:

  • The Global Impact of TB
  • General TB Information
  • HIV-TB Coinfection
  • TB's Disproportionate Burden on Minorities
  • New Challenges Posed by TB
  • The Price of Neglect
  • Finishing the Job of TB Elimination

HTML and PDF versions of this brochure are available on the Internet at the DTBE Web site,, under "What's New," or by going directly to In addition, limited quantities of the print-based version of the brochure are available at no cost and can be requested by accessing DTBE's on-line ordering system at DTBE's Web site (see above; on the menu, go to General Topics, then to On-line Ordering System), or by calling DTBE's Communications and Education Branch at (404) 639-8135. We hope this brochure will be useful in your communication and education efforts toward our shared goal of TB elimination in the United States.

-Reported by Scott McCoy
Division of TB Elimination

TB Information Guide CD-ROM

In May 2001, DTBE introduced the first version of the TB Information Guide, a CD-ROM that includes many of the materials found on DTBE's Web site. The CD-ROM is a quick resource for those who do not have time to connect to the Internet or for those who have slow or intermittent access to the Internet.

The sections of the CD-ROM are as follows:

  • Educational materials: Health care provider and patient education and training materials.
  • TB Guidelines: Guidelines from CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) series and joint statements from CDC and the American Thoracic Society.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports: TB-related articles from CDC's MMWR series. MMWRs are sorted by subject and by publication year.
  • Surveillance reports: Tabular and graphic information about reported TB cases from 59 reporting areas.
  • Slide sets: Various slide sets developed as an accompaniment to select publications.
  • Ordering information: Information on how to order free materials from DTBE.

The TB Information Guide will be available for ordering in early October. It can be requested in the following ways:

  • Through DTBE's online ordering system:
  • By mailing or faxing a DTBE Educational and Training Materials Order Form
  • Through the CDC Voice and Fax Information System by calling toll free: 1-888-232-3228, then selecting 2, 5, 1, 2, 2, 2, and requesting TB Information Guide, order #099-6879.
—Submitted by Betsy Carter, MPH, CHES
Division of TB Elimination

TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN)

As the result of recommendations highlighted in the Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Training and Education, DTBE is pleased to announce the establishment of the TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN). The TB ETN was developed for educators in state, big city, and territorial health departments. TB programs have designated one person to be a primary Network member and a second person to be an alternate member with the understanding that each member is responsible for sharing TB ETN information throughout his or her area of responsibility. The goals of the TB ETN are to

  • Build, strengthen, and maintain collaboration among the key agencies and organizations in TB education and training;
  • Provide a mechanism for the sharing of TB education and training resources to avoid duplication of effort;
  • Develop, improve, and maintain access to TB training and education resources;
  • Provide updated information about TB courses and training initiatives; and
  • Assist representatives in building education and training skills.

TB ETN members attended a workshop meeting in August. This workshop was dedicated solely to health education, training, and communication issues and provided networking opportunities for colleagues in TB programs who face similar education and training issues.

—Submitted by Betsy Carter, MPH, CHES
Division of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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