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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 2002

Updates from the Communications and Education Branch

World TB Day Activities

As you know, World TB Day was March 24. On this day in 1882, Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of the tuberculosis (TB) bacillus. Observance of this day is intended to raise awareness about the devastating health and economic consequences of TB, its impact on developing countries, and its continued overwhelming impact on global health.

CDC’s theme for World TB Day this year was “TB Elimination: Now Is the Time.” A poster with this theme was sent to TB controllers and other partners by mail. Additional copies of the poster are still available in limited quantities by calling the CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) at 1-800-458-5231 or by visiting their Web site at Request inventory item number P008.

To assist TB controllers and other partners in their TB elimination efforts, we also included the following items in the mailing:

“TB Elimination: Now Is the Time” brochure. This contains key messages about TB not being a disease of the past, the consequences of neglecting TB control programs, and what must be done to finish the job of eliminating TB in the United States.

“TB Elimination: Now Is the Time” fact sheet. This is a condensed version of the brochure and also contains key messages about TB control efforts in the United States.

“TB Elimination: Now Is the Time” trends document. Composed in a newsletter format, this discusses trends in TB elimination based on data through the year 2000.

“World TB Day” fact sheet. This contains historical information on World TB Day, the impact of TB worldwide, and global TB data.

In observance of World TB Day, DTBE and the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHSTP) Office of Communications sponsored a program at CDC in Atlanta on March 28.  Dr. Lee Reichman, Executive Director of the New Jersey Medical School National TB Center and author of the book Timebomb, was the guest speaker. DTBE also posted information about World TB Day events around the country on the DTBE Web site at The site is still active and features an interactive map of World TB Day activities around the United States. Last year on World TB Day, a number of U.S. localities were very successful in attracting significant press attention to local as well as national and global TB problems.

The March 22 issue of MMWR highlighted two of CDC’s efforts to eliminate TB: a response to a local outbreak of TB in the United States and an evaluation of the epidemiology of TB in India.

DTBE also participated in the National Coalition for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (NCET) meeting in New Jersey. Eileen Schneider, MD, made a presentation on TB trends in the United States and Kenneth Castro, MD, provided an update on CDC’s response to the Institute of Medicine report on TB. NCET also hosted a press conference and released a white paper, Tuberculosis Elimination — the Federal Funding Gap. To obtain a copy of the paper, contact Diane Maple, Media Relations Director of the Washington, DC, American Lung Association (ALA) office by e-mail at It is also available on the ALA Web site at

—Reported by Scott McCoy, MEd
Division of TB Elimination

New Tuberculin Skin Test Ruler

DTBE is pleased to announce the availability of a calibrated Mantoux tuberculin skin test millimeter ruler. DTBE staff have been working to develop new updated educational materials on the Mantoux tuberculin skin test, and the ruler is the first item to be developed as a part of this project. DTBE has already mailed out these rulers to TB controllers and CDC field staff.

Key messages about how to read the skin test have been printed on the ruler. In addition, a 6" by ½" space was left on the back of the ruler to allow local contact information to be added; this could be written with a permanent marker or attached with a label.

The Mantoux tuberculin skin test ruler can be requested in the following ways:

  • Through the DTBE's online ordering system at
  • By mailing or faxing a DTBE Educational and Training Materials Order Form
  • Through the CDC Voice and Fax Information System by calling toll free 1-888-232-3228, then selecting 2, 5, 1, 2, 2 and requesting order #99-7047.

We hope this tuberculin skin test ruler will be a useful tool for your staff and for other health providers in your area who are administering and reading the tuberculin skin test.

—Reported by Gabrielle Benenson, MPH
Division of TB Elimination

Several staff of the Communications and Education Branch (CEB) are working on projects through a task order mechanism with a contractor and the TB Model Centers. The following two CEB articles describe two of the projects that are currently in development.

Cohort Review Process Education Project

The purpose of this project is to produce educational materials that TB program supervisors can use to improve overall TB case management through continuous quality improvement, which is done by conducting cohort case reviews. Cohort case reviews are a mechanism for providing quality assurance as well as for monitoring TB cases and contacts to TB cases.

The cohort review educational materials will be designed for use as both a stand-alone, self-study product or as material for group-facilitated instruction. This product design, based on distance-learning methodology, facilitates distribution of the product to national audiences and is inclusive of, but not dependent on, stand-up classroom instruction.

The proposed educational materials will consist of print-based and videotape materials. The print materials will include interactive, problem-based strategies utilizing case studies. The videotape will model effective cohort review strategies by highlighting and simulating examples of successful cohort review strategies and methods undertaken by TB prevention and control programs in New York City and other locations. In addition, the videotape version will include several case studies to bring to life and contextualize the cohort review process. The first phase of the project, a needs assessment, is currently underway.

—Reported by Scott McCoy, MEd
Division of TB Elimination

Culturally Appropriate TB Patient Education Materials Project

The purpose of this project is to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate TB patient education materials for national distribution, utilizing a systematic health education planning process. Research in the field of health education demonstrates that materials appropriately targeted to specific populations are more effective in changing health behaviors in those populations than materials that are not targeted. As TB rates remain higher in the foreign-born population, the need for culturally and linguistically appropriate educational materials becomes more critical. Materials will be developed for the Hispanic/Latino, Vietnamese, Filipino, and low-literacy populations. The materials will cover the following topics:

  • General information about tuberculosis
  • Mantoux tuberculin skin test
  • Treatment and patient adherence
  • HIV/AIDS and TB
  • Contact investigations
  • Latent TB infection

The first phase of the project, a needs assessment, is currently underway.

—Reported by Gabrielle Benenson, MPH
Division of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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