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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 2003


Welcome to a new section of TB Notes! Future issues of TB Notes will include a section dedicated to information and updates from the TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN).

The first 2 years of the TB ETN have been exciting and active. TB ETN was established in 2001 as a result of recommendations outlined in the Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Training and Education to establish a network of persons involved in TB education and training. The TB ETN will help build a cadre of TB educators and trainers with improved skills and abilities, knowledge of available resources, and ability to serve as a resource for high-priority needs, such as outbreaks and implementation of new guidelines.

Goals of TB ETN

  • Build, strengthen, and maintain collaboration among the key agencies and organizations in TB education and training
  • Provide a mechanism for the sharing of TB education and training resources to avoid duplication of effort
  • Develop, improve, and maintain access to TB training and education resources
  • Provide updated information about TB courses and training initiatives
  • Assist representatives in building education and training skills

There are many benefits of TB ETN membership, such as the opportunity to network and collaborate with other TB education and training professionals; exchange ideas, information, and experiences; access and share resources; collaborate on training and education research; and receive updated information about TB courses and training initiatives. In addition, TB ETN provides an opportunity to build TB education and training-related skills, and pilot-test and preview new communication and education materials.

Listed below are just a few of the accomplishments of the TB ETN since its establishment:

  • Brought together persons responsible for TB training and education in their TB programs for the sharing of resources and expertise.
  • Increased membership from approximately 70 U.S. state and local members to 285 members worldwide representing state and local TB programs, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, federal agencies, universities, the American Lung Association, National TB Model Centers, and other U.S. and international organizations interested in TB education and training issues.
  • Developed an electronic electronic mailing list to aid communication among any and all persons involved in TB education and training. This electronic mailing list provides subscribers with the opportunity to ask questions, share comments, and exchange information with other subscribers about TB education and training issues and resources.
  • Sponsored two annual meetings and workshops. The theme of the 2001 workshop was “Culture, Language, and Literacy in TB Education and Training.” The theme of the 2002 workshop was “Reaching Key Audiences Through Innovative TB Education and Training Methods.” TB ETN members worldwide traveled to these workshops that were dedicated solely to health education, training, and communication issues. Plans are underway for the third annual TB ETN Conference, to be held in Atlanta August 13-15, 2003. Please see the article about the upcoming conference in the Update from the Communications and Education Branch.
  • Identified needs and strategies for overcoming education and training barriers.
  • Established a steering committee with representatives chosen by TB ETN members to guide Network activities.
  • Created three subcommittees to carry out and guide TB ETN activities: Communications and Membership, Conference Planning, and Cultural Competency.

With the establishment of the three new subcommittees, the next year promises to be full of exciting opportunities for those involved in TB education and training. If you are interested in joining one of these subcommittees, you may send an e-mail to If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join and take advantage of all the benefits TB ETN has to offer. To do so, complete the registration form at the back of this issue and fax it to (404) 639-8960 or send an e-mail requesting a membership form to

Look for TB ETN news and updates in each edition of TB Notes.

—Reported by Maria Fraire, MPH, CHES
Div of TB Elimination

TB ETN Steering Committee Members

State Representatives:

Judi Bulmer
New York State Department of Health

Kathleen Hursen, RN, MS
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Big City Representative:

Deborah McIntosh, BSN, PHN
TB Control San Diego County

National TB Model Center Representative:

David Berger
Francis J. Curry National TB Center (San Francisco)

CDC Representatives:

Maria Fraire, MPH, CHES
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination

Gabrielle Benenson, MPH
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination

Betsy Carter, MPH, CHES
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination

TB ETN Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Communications and Membership Subcommittee

Vipra Ghimire, MPH, CHES
Virginia Department of Health, Division of TB Control

Suzy Peters, Ph.D.
Florida Bureau of TB and Refugee Health

Conference Planning Subcommittee

DJ McCabe, RN, MSN
New Jersey Medical School National Tuberculosis Center

Ann Tyree, MS
Texas Department of Health, TB Elimination Division

Cultural Competency Subcommittee

Genevieve Greeley, CHES
Utah Department of Health, TB Control/Refugee Health Program

Serge Chicoye
Columbia University at Harlem Hospital, NY


Released October 2008
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