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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 2004

TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN)

Member Highlight

Linette McElroy, RN, is the Manager of Nursing Programs at the Division of TB Control at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Linette’s casual visit one day to CDC’s Web site lead her to the highlighted information on the 2003 TB ETN conference in Atlanta. When we asked Linette what influenced her decision to join TB ETN, she replied, “Why not? Holy cow! I’d have joined earlier if I’d known about it!”

Even in the short time she’s been a member, Linette feels that TB ETN has dramatically enriched the TB care and education that she is able to provide. Meeting and networking with others who face the same professional challenges she faces has been invaluable to her. The TB ETN has also opened her eyes to the amazing variety of support resources that have already been developed, saving her from reinventing the wheel, and most importantly, helping her to be well-prepared to meet the needs of her community.

Linette’s job responsibilities include policy and procedure development for community health, acute care, long-term care, and licensed community care facilities in the Province of British Columbia, and development and facilitation of educational programs with regard to all aspects of TB control at both provincial and federal levels. She has recently completed a contract with Health Canada and Correctional Service Canada to orient corrections’ health care staff (via full-day workshops) to new guidelines for the prevention and control of TB in Canadian federal correctional institutions.

Linette was so impressed by TB ETN and the promise it holds for all of us in TB prevention and control that she volunteered to serve as a member of the Communications and Membership Subcommittee and of the TB ETN 2004 Conference Planning Committee. Her desire is to see TB ETN become a “household word,” so to speak, in the TB prevention and control professions. The best way to do that is through activities that strategically increase TB ETN membership to include representatives from each and every country in the world. “We all know that TB is a global problem. The solutions should also be global. I believe that TB ETN has the potential to have exactly this kind of impact,” Linette said.

As mentioned in Linette’s job responsibilities, her most recent training and education programs include orientation sessions that are full-day workshops of 25-30 participants per session. The format of the sessions was developed in conjunction with an Adult Education Specialist/Information Technologist and includes several dynamic team learning activities, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on demonstrations, not to mention several subtle (and not-so-subtle) invitations to join TB ETN!

Linette has also developed a full-day TB workshop for the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. The content of this workshop is geared toward health professionals who give and interpret tuberculin skin tests. The title of the workshop is “TB Basics & Tuberculin Skin Testing.” It is facilitated by Linette or by nurses from the TB Control Program. The course is offered in Vancouver, B.C., four to six times per year.

In addition to Linette’s exciting career as a TB Nursing Programs Manager/TB Educator, she is also a Mom to two wonderful boys: David, who’s 19, and Marc, who’s 14. “When they were younger, they were my ‘hobbies’ and interests, but now that they’re getting older, I’ve had a chance to expand my horizons again,” Linette said. Away from work she enjoys a variety of activities. She confesses to being a bit of a traditionalist at heart in some respects, with such time-honored and satisfying pursuits as baking, quilting, and canning. Her other great love is dogs, and in particular, competition flyball dog racing. She teaches flyball lessons for the dog sport club where she holds a membership, much to the delight of the two border collies in her family. “Maddie” and “Sophie” have taught her much about the value of long walks in the park or at the beach. In Vancouver, B.C., where they live, they are blessed with many beautiful places where they can do exactly that!

Linette looks forward to being able to contribute to TB prevention and control for a long time, and hopefully, in many places throughout the world.

If you’d like to join Linette as a TB ETN member and take advantage of all TB ETN has to offer, please send an e-mail requesting a registration form to You can also send a request by fax at (404) 639-8960 or by mail to

CEBSB, Division of TB Elimination
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd., N.E., MS E10
Atlanta, Georgia 30333

If you would like additional information about the TB Education and Training Network, visit the website at

—Submitted by Regina Bess
Div of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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