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TB Notes 2, 2007
Director's Letter
Highlights from State and Local Programs
  Successful Collaborations by New England TB Prevention and Control Programs
World TB Day 2007
  First Annual TB Awareness Walk
  TB and HIV Analogy
  From Us to You
Nursing Update
  Judy Gibson, BSN, MSN, Receives Chief Nurse Officer Award
TB Education and Training Network Updates
  Member Highlight
  Cultural Competency Workgroup: Special Topic Discussion on “The Culture of Substance Users”
Communications, Education, and Behavioral Studies Branch Update
  New Additions to
Clinical and Health Systems Research Branch Updates
  MDR TB and XDR TB Clinical Trials Design Working Group Formed
  The Long Road to a Shorter, Stronger, Safer Cure for TB – How to Get There Faster
International Research and Programs Branch Update
  Building the Capacity of Health Care Workers from the Former Soviet Union on TB/HIV Surveillance Activities
Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Outbreak Investigations Branch Updates
  RVCT Revision
  10th Semiannual Meeting of the TB Epidemiologic Studies Consortium
New CDC Publications
Personnel Notes
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TB Notes Newsletter

No. 2, 2007


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Released October 2008
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