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This is an archived document. The links are no longer being updated.

TB Notes 2, 1999

Personnel Notes

Mack Anders, Deputy Chief, Field Services Branch, was on assignment in Russia November 16- December 10, 1998, and February 14 - April 28, 1999. On the first mission he worked with staff of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) - Moscow and collaborators of various Russian institutions to establish the foundation for CDC/USAID-sponsored TB projects in Russia to demonstrate the WHO strategy of directly observed therapy, short course (DOTS) and a program to treat MDR TB (DOTS-Plus). He and a multinational team traveled to several oblasts to review the local TB programs and assess potential for participation in projects. During the week of December 5, he and a team of CDC, WHO, and USAID staff traveled to the three oblasts (Orel, Vladimir, and Ivanovo) selected for the projects to meet with TB staff, health administrators, and political leaders. On the second mission with headquarters at the American Embassy in Moscow, Mack worked with USAID staff, Russia national and local health officials, WHO, and various nongovernmental organizations to establish the administrative, technical, and logistical bases for the projects which are scheduled for implementation this summer.

Warren Benson has accepted an offer of the position of Staff Specialist vacated by Lisa Favors. Warren brings extensive administrative experience from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, where he was working in the Division of Adolescent and School Health. He is most noted for his integrity, dependability, and willingness to help others. He joined the division on May 10. Welcome to DTBE, Warren!

Lisa Cairns, MD, will complete her Preventive Medicine fellowship in the Field Services Branch (FSB) at the end of June, and will be joining FSB as a medical officer on July 1, 1999. Lisa earned her BA at the University of Guelph in Canada, MD at Yale, and MPH at Johns Hopkins. She completed a residency in Family Practice at Duke. She was an EIS Officer assigned to the State of Washington from 1996-1998, where she worked on various outbreaks including coccidiomycosis in travelers returning from Mexico. She has also worked in Guatemala, Micronesia, and the Republic of the Congo. During the last 12 months, Lisa has been working on a study of delays in completion of therapy, compiling x-rays for a clinical slide set, and working with the Division of Quarantine with the Kosovar refugees in Fort Dix. In her new position, she will also be working closely with the consultants in providing technical assistance, participating in expanded site visits and other assignments. She will be working as the project officer for the "targeted testing" portion of the FY 2000 cooperative agreement, and continue her work on investigating reasons for delays in completion of therapy. She will also be attending clinic at the Fulton County TB clinic weekly.

Christopher Caudill, PHA assigned to the Chicago TB control program, has been selected for a TDY assignment to Russia. Chris will provide technical assistance for the implementation of the USAID, CDC, WHO, and MOH TB projects for DOTS and DOTS plus (MDR) in several different oblasts. Chris will begin a 3-month assignment this fall.

Nick DeLuca has been selected for, and has accepted, a position of Health Education Specialist with the Communications and Education Branch (CEB). Nick initially came to CEB on September 1, 1997, as an ASPH fellow bringing to the division experience in health education, behavior change interventions, and instructional design, as well as international experience. He is a PhD candidate in Health Education and Health Promotion at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Public Health. He holds a Master of Arts in Medical Geography from San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from State University of New York. In his almost 2 years with the division, Nick has had the lead responsibility for the development of the Web-based Self-Study Modules on Tuberculosis course. He has also taken over as the lead for the development and finalization of the Supplemental Self-Study modules that will be distributed later this year. Congratulations, Nick!

Pat Farah has accepted the offer to work in DTBE and to assume Yvonne Shore's duties after she retires. Pat has extensive administrative and fiscal accounting experience in both the public and private sector. For the past 8 years she worked in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Oral Health. She is noted for her dependability, her eye for detail, and her willingness to help others. She began work on May 10. Welcome to the division, Pat!

Maria Fraire, MPH, CHES, health educator with the Communications and Education Branch, was one of four individuals honored with an Outstanding Service Award from the CDC interest group Public Health Education and Promotion Network (PHEP-NET) for assisting with the development of the network's Intranet. The awards were presented on April 8 at the spring 1999 membership meeting. Maria has also been selected for, and accepted, a position of Health Education Specialist with CEB. Maria was already a Health Education Specialist with CEB; however, she applied, interviewed, and was selected for one of the vacancies created by a staff departure and a staff promotion. Maria is a registered respiratory therapist who returned to school to pursue a degree in health education and an MPH in Behavioral Science and Health Education from Emory. She joined CEB in May 1996 as an ASPH Fellow. During her first year in the division, she worked on a number of projects, but principally Maria took the lead for updating and overseeing the TB Program Managers Course. In 1997, Maria came on board as a full-fledged DTBE employee, as a health education specialist. She has since worked on a number of projects including the update and revision of the Core Curriculum on TB and serving as the project lead for our Internet home page. Congratulations, Maria!

Darryl Hardge has been selected for the vacant TB public health advisor position in Baltimore, Maryland. Darryl will coordinate the activities of both central office and clinic staff and will oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive TB program. He will also collaborate with community leaders, area university schools of medicine, public and private service providers, and other key persons and agencies to provide clinical and outreach services. Darryl came to work for CDC in May 1991 as a public health associate I in the Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention assigned to the Division's Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) training center in Decatur, GA, with subsequent assignments in Milwaukee and Baltimore. In October 1997, Darryl joined DTBE and was assigned to the Louisiana TB program. He began his new assignment in Baltimore on May 9.

Wendy Heirendt has been selected for the vacant TB public health advisor position in Virginia. Wendy will serve as the Virginia Division of TB Control's program development manager, an integral member of the executive management team responsible for development of program policy and performance objectives. Wendy began her career with CDC in August 1987 as a Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention (DSTDP) program representative assigned to the Marion County (Indiana) Health Department. In December 1988, she was reassigned to the Prince George's County (Maryland) Health Department where she continued her STD activities. In July 1991 she joined DTBE and was assigned to the Puerto Rico TB program. Since April 1993 Wendy has been in her current assignment in Indianapolis, Indiana, serving as DTBE's senior PHA for the state and as the TB program director. Wendy began her duties in Richmond on June 6.

Wally Ihle, Deputy Chief of the Surveillance and Epiemiology Branch (SEB), DTBE, retired April 30, 1999, after 35 years of service. Wally started with CDC's Sexually Transmitted Diseases program in 1964. He transferred to the TB program in 1966 and completed assignments in Philadelphia and Massachusetts. In 1972 he left CDC and went to the PHS Regional Office in Philadelphia. While in the Regional Office, Wally served in many different capacities: he was the Deputy Director of the National Health Service Corps, the Director of Grants Management, and the Executive Officer for the Region. He returned to DTBE in 1988 and served as the Deputy Chief of the Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch until his retirement. Wally is well-known and respected for his ability to get things done, and well-liked for his impish sense of humor and twinkling eyes. Even at the busiest and most hectic times, he always looks like he is having fun. We’ll miss you, Wally!

Janet Larson, MD, will be joining the division in July as an EIS Officer assigned to the International Activity. She graduated in 1988 from the University of Minnesota with a BS degree in biology, and received her MD degree in 1993 from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. In 1996 she completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and completed a fellowship in infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. Her work experience has included a variety of medical and research positions in laboratory, clinical, and emergency–care settings. Her volunteer experience includes a summer externship at Black River Hospital, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, as a medical and surgical assistant in 1988, as well as 3 months as a clinician at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Cameroon, West Africa, in 1993. From July 1997 until the present she worked as a TB control physician providing clinical care for TB patients and general health screening for refugees at the Hennepin County Health Department in Minnesota.

Kayla Laserson, ScD, an EIS Officer with the International Activities Branch (IA), will join IA as a staff epidemiologist in July 1999 after completion of the EIS program. In addition, Kayla was recently honored as the 1999 recipient of the prestigious Mackel Award. The EIS Alumni/ae Association sponsored the Fourteenth Donald C. Mackel Memorial Award, which was presented during the EIS Conference in April. This prestigious award recognizes the presentation that best exemplifies the effective application of a combined epidemiologic and laboratory approach to an investigation. Those presentations for which the first author is a current EIS Officer and at least one coauthor is a CDC laboratorian can be considered for the award. The Donald C. Mackel Memorial Award Committee, co-chaired this year by Dr. Paul Garbe of the National Center for Environmental Health and Dr. Thomas Navin of the National Center for Infectious Diseases, were responsible for selecting the 1999 winners. Normally awarded for an oral presentation, this year the Mackel Award was given for a poster presentation. Victoria Lee, graphics staff member of the Communications and Education Branch, assisted with the highly effective and creative design and layout of the poster.

Diana Mazzella of Field Services Branch was one of the finalists among the hundreds of nominees for the Outstanding Technician/Assistant Award at the 26th Annual Federal Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon, which was held on Monday, May 3, 1999, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel. This year, CDC had five nominees for the Federal Employee of the Year Awards.

Scott McCoy has been selected for, and has accepted, the position of Health Education Specialist with CEB. Scott has been working with the division for the last 1 years in his role as Marketing Communications Specialist with the NCHSTP Office of Communications (OC). In this position, he has been the OC lead for the National Tuberculosis Communication Plan and TB Partnership Initiative. Scott has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Georgia, a Masters in Education and a Specialist in Education certification from Georgia State University. He brings extensive experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs around the problems of alcohol/substance abuse. Along with his TB duties while working in OC, Scott was also responsible for the formative research efforts in the "Know Your HIV Status" campaign being developed by the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention. Welcome to the division, Scott!

Peter D. McElroy, PhD, MPH, will be joining the division as an EIS Officer assigned to the Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch. Peter received an MPH degree in 1992 and a PhD degree in Epidemiologic Science in 1998, both from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya as a community health worker from 1987 to 1989, and worked as a researcher with the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, from 1993 to 1994. From 1994 to 1996 he assisted in the instruction of introductory and advanced epidemiology courses in the Department of Epidemiology, University of Michigan School of Public Health. In 1996 and 1997 he worked as a data analyst with the Michigan Public Health Institute in Detroit, Michigan, and as a graduate student research assistant conducting statistical analyses at the University of Michigan. From 1998 to the present, he has been working as a guest researcher in the Division of Parasitic Diseases here at CDC. Peter will join the division in July.

Paul Poppe, Associate Director for Management and Operations of DTBE, was the 1999 recipient of the Outstanding Supervisor Award from the Atlanta Federal Executive Board. This award was presented to him on May 3, 1999, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel at the 26th Annual Federal Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon. Paul was selected from 11 finalists, who had been selected from among several hundred nominees. Atlanta-area Federal employees were honored; specifically, nominees from Atlanta Federal agencies in 12 categories were recognized for their achievements and service to the public over the past year.

Steven Shapiro has been selected by DTBE, the Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention (DSTDP), and the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP) for the vacant senior public health advisor position in the Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health. Steve will serve as an across-the-board advisor to and integral member of the Maine STD, HIV, and TB programs, and will work closely with the three state program managers, as well as the state epidemiologist, to assist in developing program policy, procedures, and evaluation methods. Steve began his career with CDC in June 1989 as a DSTDP public health associate I assigned to the Broward County (Florida) Public Health Unit. In January 1993, Steve transferred to the Dade County (Florida) Public Health Unit STD program, to which he is currently assigned. Steve began his new assignment in Augusta on May 23, 1999.

Yvonne Shore has decided to retire from Federal service effective July 2. Yvonne has had 25 years of federal service, all of which was with CDC. She came to work for CDC in the early 1960s in the TB control office at Clifton Road, before TB control was a division and before CDC was organized into Centers. She left CDC for a few years to be home with her young child, then returned. In the mid-1980s she left CDC and did volunteer work at a local elementary school, and later worked as a paraprofessional in the DeKalb County school system. In the late 1980s she returned to CDC to work in the Center’s Resource Analysis Office. In that position she was responsible for assisting in the processing and tracking of all extramural fiscal obligations for the Center. In June 1996 she returned to DTBE as a Resource Analysis Assistant in the Office of the Director, responsible for assisting in the budgetary and resource management activities. Yvonne plans to enjoy her retirement by traveling, gardening, reading, and visiting her family in North Georgia. She will have no problem finding a foot-loose travel companion since her husband is retiring, too, in August. We will truly miss Yvonne and her ever-present smile!

Vivian Siler has joined the Communications and Education Branch as Program Operations Assistant. Vivian has been working with DTBE educational and training materials since 1993 as a Senior Information Specialist contractor with the NCHSTP Office of Communications. In this position she served as the lead person in the information/dissemination process for the Office which included responding to requests for publications from a variety of persons and maintaining the publications inventory system. This included working with DTBE publications and the ordering and dissemination of these publications on a daily basis. She brings extensive knowledge regarding the content, online ordering system, and inventory system of these materials. Welcome to the division, Vivian!

Philip R. Spradling, MD, will be joining the division as an EIS Officer assigned to the Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch. Philip received his medical degree in 1985 from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, and in 1988 he completed a residency and an internship in internal medicine at St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, Colorado. From 1988 to 1994 he served as a staff physician at Kaiser Permanente in Denver, first in internal medicine and urgent medical care, then in chemical dependency treatment services. In 1994 and 1995 he worked as a primary care physician at the Westminster Medical Center in Westminster, Maryland. He most recently served as the medical director of Addiction Services and as a TB clinic physician in the Communicable Diseases Program at the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, Annapolis, Maryland, from 1995 to 1998. He will join the division in July.

Peg Tipple, MD, will be joining the Field Services Branch (FSB) in a field assignment to Washington, DC, as Medical Director of the DC TB program, starting July 12, 1999. Peg earned her medical degree at SUNY - Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. She trained as a pediatrician and as a fellow in infectious diseases at the Medical College of Virginia. She also trained in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Illinois. She was an EIS Officer in the Hospital Infections Program, and continued her work at CDC in the Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases. Many DTBE staff know her from her tenure in the Division of Quarantine where she did much work on tuberculosis. Most recently, she has been working in the Office of Health and Safety. Initially, she will be working on surveillance issues and clinical management issues, and fostering collaboration with the medical providers and institutions throughout the District and with the Maryland and Virginia TB programs. She will be working closely with many of the staff in DTBE on these issues.

Sarah Valway, DMD, MPH, retired from CDC in May after more than 22 years of service with the U.S. Public Health Service. She started her PHS career in 1976 working with the Indian Health Service (IHS). In 1986 she joined CDC as an EIS Officer assigned to the States of Colorado and New Mexico. In 1991, she joined DTBE as a staff medical epidemiologist. She became Chief of the Epidemiology Section in the Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch in 1993 and served in that position until her retirement. While in DTBE she led many outbreak investigations and supervised the development and implementation of a number of national epidemiologic studies, including the National TB Genotyping and Sentinel Surveillance Network, TB in children, the contact investigation study, and school, college, and Job Corps screening studies. The outbreak investigations of transmission of M. tuberculosis on airplanes led to the development of national and World Health Organization recommendations which she coauthored. In her retirement Dr. Valway plans to continue working in the TB arena, doing some teaching and consulting. Her new email address is


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