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TB Notes 3, 2007
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National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP): An Update
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TB Notes Newsletter

No. 3, 2007

National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP): An Update

Standardized program objectives, and indicators that measure progress toward those objectives, are essential for states to undertake evaluation and program improvement. The Program Evaluation and Surveillance Teams in DTBE, in collaboration with state partners, formed workgroups to build evaluation capacity by establishing a framework for an integrated approach to program planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

Through a collaborative process, 16 high-priority national TB program objectives were identified. Targets for the top four objectives (i.e., completion of therapy, TB case rate, contact investigation, and laboratory reporting) were set, and indicators for measuring progress toward these objectives were proposed.

Modeled after the Tuberculosis Indicators Project (TIP) developed in the California Department of Health, the National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP) will be a web-based system for monitoring progress that can be used at the national, state, and local levels. This system will reinforce the national priorities for TB programs and standardize measurement for tracking progress using existing reportable data.

The development of the NTIP includes various players and is taking place in multiple stages. Representatives from four states— Steve Hughes from New York State, Deborah Sodt and Wendy Sutherland from Minnesota, Katie Garman and Erin Holt from Tennessee, and Barbara Stone from Colorado—are integral partners in the development of this project. Public health laboratory staff from Minnesota, Tennessee, and Colorado are also included in the discussion on the laboratory objective. Members of the Surveillance team and Mycobacteriology Laboratory Branch from DTBE serve as the technical review team.

During weekly meetings led by DTBE’s Kai Young and John Jereb (and Heather Morrow-Almeida during her assignment here), group members work on refining the objectives and indicators and developing standardized calculation methodologies and report templates. Four standards (utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy) are used to assess each element of the individual indicator reports, as well as the reports’ expected application to the effort of program evaluation, particularly at the state and local levels.

Currently, 12 of the 16 objectives have been addressed in focus-group meetings since January 2007. The review of the remaining objectives and their respective indicator reports is expected to be completed in summer 2007. The web-based monitoring system to produce the indicator reports is being developed concurrently.

Overall, the process for developing the NTIP has established mutual understanding of and agreement on the national TB program objectives. Moreover, the indicators and calculations for monitoring progress toward objectives are being standardized. DTBE staff as well as state and local programs will be able to use these report templates for measuring progress toward the objectives.

Reported by Kai Young, Heather Morrow-Almeida, and John Jereb
Div of TB Elimination



Released October 2008
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