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TB Notes 4, 2004

No. 4, 2004


A Partnership-Building Guide and Toolkit for U.S.
TB Control Programs

CDC and its TB control partners recognize the importance of developing effective partnerships with organizations serving persons at high risk for TB as a critical element to TB elimination. This idea is emphasized in recommendations made in A Strategic Plan for the Elimination of Tuberculosis in the United States (1989). Developing effective partnerships is also emphasized in goals set in CDC's Response to Ending Neglect: The Elimination of Tuberculosis in the United States (2002).

With these recommendations and goals in mind, Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis (1995) — developed for use by TB control programs to facilitate partnership-building activities — was evaluated by DTBE. Based on this evaluation, DTBE determined that, for the document’s continued and effective use, it should include up-to-date information on how to work with limited resources, strategies for partnership-building in low-morbidity areas, and tools for TB control programs to use in planning and responding to outbreaks. An update of Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis was initiated in fall 2001 in order to provide a partnership-building guide and toolkit that assists TB controllers in creating and sustaining effective partnerships.

The first step in the update process was to convene an expert review panel, whose members were asked to make content-update recommendations to Forging Partnerships and to advise on the development of the materials in the toolkit. Next, based on the recommendations of the expert panel, TB controllers and other TB control program staff conducted formative evaluation of the materials in a discussion group. 

Finally, based on key suggestions from the expert panel and findings from the formative evaluation, the guide now includes

  • characteristics describing effective resource-limited partnerships,
  • success stories about reaching leaders of high-risk populations in low-morbidity areas, and
  • ways to create and maintain a sense of ownership among the partners.

The quick-reference toolkit contains items such as

  • goals and a SMART* objectives planning worksheet,
  • an information-gathering worksheet for use with potential partners and
  • an outbreak response communication needs assessment checklist.

*SMART: Are your objectives specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-framed?

The target audience suggested titling the product Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis: A Guide and Toolkit.

The update of Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis through the use of a systematic health education process ensures the usefulness of the new product and provides TB controllers with practical guidance and tools to facilitate building and sustaining effective TB partnerships. The next step in this project is to implement the suggestions provided by the target audience during the discussion group for marketing and dissemination of the product in late fall 2004.  Marketing and dissemination activities for Forging Partnerships to Eliminate Tuberculosis: A Guide and Toolkit will include

  • producing the guide and toolkit on paper and in CD-ROM formats,
  • disseminating the guide and toolkit to all U.S. TB control programs at the state and local levels, and
  • featuring the guide and toolkit at regional TB controller meetings.

—Reported by Scott McCoy, MEd
Div of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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