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TB Notes 4, 2006
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CDC/ATSDR Group Award for Minority Health Mentor/Champion of Excellence
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TB Notes Newsletter

No. 4, 2006

CDC/ATSDR Group Award for Minority Health Mentor/Champion of Excellence

On July 13, 2006, Gail Burns-Grant and Michael Fraser of DTBE’s Field Services and Evaluation Branch received the Minority Health Mentor/Champion of Excellence Group Award at the CDC/ATSDR Honor Awards Ceremony. This award was given in recognition of their work to reduce TB in African Americans through the coordination of three highly successful demonstration projects in the states of Georgia and South Carolina and the city of Chicago and for the timely dissemination of lessons learned from these projects.

The work of the staff in the three project areas that Gail and Michael coordinated was critical to the success of the demonstration projects. These project area staff worked successfully with community-based organizations and local health departments in targeting interventions to specific community areas, including zip code areas and health districts. Early on, the project staff recognized that it would be important to have community involvement and worked to ensure community representation and inclusion in the planning and implementation of these three projects. Efforts were made to develop active partnerships with the targeted populations to ensure their needs were met and that the interventions developed were culturally competent and acceptable.

Gail and Michael disseminate the key findings from the project areas in a quarterly CDC/DTBE publication, The TB Challenge. This newsletter, approaching its third year, is formatted, edited, designed, and distributed by DTBE staff. Through this newsletter, project staff share strategies, innovative approaches, interventions, and evaluation results that can be translated and applied nationally. Gail and Michael also share project experiences and outcomes at local and national conferences, meetings, and seminars sponsored by internal and external partners, in order to raise awareness and initiate actions that will address the disparity of TB in the African-American community.

Working closely with project areas engaged in this work, Gail and Michael have made contributions that have had a positive public health impact and that will help improve the health of African Americans nationwide. Gail commented on the award as follows: “We share this award with all of our partners who are committed and dedicated to addressing the historically high rates of TB in the African-American community, for we work with them and through them to advance this work. I am particularly grateful for the latitude we have had—the flexibility that our project areas have been granted by our division to develop, design, and disseminate acceptable messages that were actually created in the community for the community.”

—Submitted by Dave Crowder
Div of TB Elimination


Released October 2008
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