Our Offices

Heartland National TB Center (HNTC) is located on the campus of Texas Center for Infectious Disease (TCID) in San Antonio, Texas.

Heartland National TB Center
2303 SE Military Drive
San Antonio, TX 78223
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Toll Free: 1-800-TEX-LUNG (1-800-839-5864)


Medical Consultation:210-531-4500

Contact Information

For Administrative, Financial, and Contractual Questions, please contact Stephanie Ott, CPM at 210-531-4542 or stephanie.ott@uthct.edu.

For Medical Consultation Requests, please contact HNTC at 1-800-839-5864 or the Medical Consultation Team:

For Training, Education, and Product Questions, please contact Jessica Quintero at 210-531-4568 or jessica.quintero@uthct.edu.

Our Staff

Barbara Seaworth, MD — Medical Director

Email: barbara.seaworth@dshs.state.tx.us
Direct Line: 210-531-4541

David Griffith, MD — Assistant Medical Director

Email: david.griffith@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 903-877-7267

Stephanie Ott, CPM — Executive Director

Email: stephanie.ott@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4542

Lisa Armitige, MD, PhD — Medical Consultant

Email: lisa.armitige@dshs.state.tx.us
Direct Line: 210-531-4548


Alysia Wayne — Administrative Specialist

Email: alysia.wayne@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4540

Edgar Alejandro Salinas, BBA — Web Site and Content Coordinator

Email: edgar.salinas@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4520

Medical Consultation

Catalina Navarro, RN, BSN — Nurse Consultant/Educator

Email: catalina.navarro@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4569

Debbie Onofre, RN, BSN — Nurse Consultant/Educator

Email: debbie.onofre@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4539


Jessica Quintero, BAAS — Director of Education and Training

Email: jessica.quintero@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4568

Josie Gonzalez, BS — Training Specialist II

Email: josefa.gonzalez@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4545

Delphina Sanchez, M.A. — Training Specialist II

Email: delfina.sanchez@uthct.edu
Direct Line: 210-531-4528