State-Specific Consultation Processes

State City Process
Arizona   TB control activities in Arizona are directed and administered by the State TB Control Officer. Each county nominates a physician(s) to serve as the County TB Control Officer, and these physicians are authorized to serve as Deputy State TB Control Officers. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) TB Control Section provides assistance to private practitioners, Deputy TB Control Officers, county health departments, etc., regarding care of TB patients. The State TB Control Officer will normally respond to requests for medical consultation within one day. The ADHS TB Control Section can be contacted at 150 N. 18th Avenue, Suite 140, Phoenix, AZ 85007, (602) 364-4750. Additional medical consultation is also available through the Heartland National TB Center at 1-800-839-5864.
Arkansas The State TB control officer coordinates care for all TB cases in the state with input from local PCP's or chest MD's. The office also coordinatesof all LTBI cases as these are reportable in Arkansas. Any healthcare providers can contact our office for guidance regarding care of active or suspected TB cases as also regarding LTBI cases. Contact the Arkansas Department of Health TB Program at (501)661.2068.
Kansas   Clinical consultation in the medical management of TB patients is available through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment TB Control and Prevention Program. The State TB Nurse Consultant will triage all requests for clinical consultation and coordinate a rapid response to clinicians treating Kansas TB patients. The State TB Nurse Consultant will gather all pertinent information required for the consultation and will facilitate coordination with in house expert resources, contracted state clinician experts and/or the Heartland National TB Center, as appropriate, for each request. The State TB Nurse Consultant may be reached at (785) 296-0739 or
Missouri   Clinicians and local public health nurses treating residents of Missouri are encouraged to contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services TB Control Program at (573) 751-6122 and ask to speak to a TB Program person for standard recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of latent and active tuberculosis. For medical consultation regarding more complicated TB cases, such as MDR-TB, XDR-TB, or complicated HIV TB, please contact the Heartland National TB Center.
Nebraska   Nebraska clinicians seeking expert medical consultation for tuberculosis should contact the Nebraska TB Program Manager (402-471-6441or for referral to a Nebraska TB Physician Consultant.
New Mexico   Consultation in the medical management of tuberculosis patients is available through the New Mexico Department of Health Tuberculosis and Refugee Health Program. Please contact the State Tuberculosis Nurse Consultant at (505) 827-2471 or (505) 827-2473.
Oklahoma   For tuberculosis consultation anytime Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, call 405-271-4060. Calls after hours will be answered by the epidemiologist on call.
Texas Houston Please contact the City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services, TB Control at 832-393-4799 for information regarding medication consultations and ask to speak with the TB Nurse Consultant.
Texas Outside Houston Assistance with the management of TB patients may be requested from the State TB Nurse Consultant at (512) 458-7447. Medical consultation from one of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) recommended expert physicians is required if the patient's isolate is isoniazid and/or rifampin resistant. Consultation should also be requested if the patient remains symptomatic or continues to be AFB smear and/or culture positive after two months of treatment. Medical consultation with a DSHS recommended expert physician is available through the Heartland National TB Center at 1-800-839-5864 or the Center for Pulmonary and Infectious Disease Control at 1-800 428-7432.