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Curry International TB Center - Pediatric Tuberculosis

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Pediatric Tuberculosis resources produced by the Curry International Tuberculosis Center

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - TB in Children (Global Perspective)

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In many countries, tuberculosis (TB) disease is much more common than in the United States. In countries with a high rate of TB disease, TB in children is also much more common.

World Health Organization - Childhood tuberculosis

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The urgency of the problem of TB in children, whose full scope is still not fully known, cannot be underestimated. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates in 2013 revealed that up to 80 000 children die from TB each year and children account for over half a million new cases annually.

TBFacts - Information About Tuberculosis

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Many National Tuberculosis Programs (NTPs) concentrate on reporting the number of adults who have been identified and treated who have smear positive TB, and who are considered most responsible for the ongoing transmission of infection. With children, even if they have been diagnosed, they will often be smear negative, and will not be included in reports.

Treatment Action Group: Childhood Tuberculosis

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“Primary tuberculosis is the fountainhead of tuberculous diseases. When acquired during childhood, it may develop into serious tuberculous diseases within a short period of time, or remain latent during childhood, only to be become reactivated in adult life.”

Global Tuberculosis Report 2016

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This global TB report is the first to be produced in the era of the SDGs and the End TB Strategy. It provides an assessment of the TB epidemic and progress in TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention efforts, as well as an overview of TB-specific financing and research.

Centers of Excellence (COE)

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The CDC's Division of Tuberculosis Elimination has funded five TB Centers of Excellence (COE). The COEs are regionally assigned to cover all 50 states and the U.S. territories. The primary purpose of each COE is to provide training and technical assistance to increase human resource development in TB programs, develop TB educational materials (COE TB Training and Education Products Webpage), and provide medical consultation to TB programs and medical providers.