Stop the Stigma

Eliminating stigmatizing language in TB

Patient holding up a sign with the text "Attitude and Passion can trump the stigma associated with TB."
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We are committed to make a change

Members of the public health community worldwide have been working for almost five years to promote the avoidance of harmful and stigmatizing language used in TB care. Language such as “defaulter”, “suspect”, and “control” is not only hurtful but also judgmental, criminalizing, and places blame on patients. 


Heartland has committed to join forces with patient advocates from the Global TB Community, the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease, and the National Society of TB Clinicians’ to eliminate stigmatizing language. We are proud to introduce “Stop the Stigma”, a campaign to spread awareness and promote elimination of the use of stigmatizing language by the public health workforce. We would like to invite you to join us and pledge yourself, your organization, and challenge others to pledge as well.


Pledge sign stating "I made the pledge to join Heartland National TB Center in an effort to stop the use of stigmatizing language.