Due to the effects of COVID-19 and the strain on public health and our mini-fellowship partners, mini-fellowships are not being scheduled at this time. However, applications with dates of availability in the late summer/fall are being accepted. Applicants will be contacted once activities resume.

The Heartland National Tuberculosis Center (HNTC) is offering Adult and Nursing Clinical Mini-Fellowships targeted to clinicians (physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, RNs and LVNs) who would benefit from participation in an intensive learning experience in the management of tuberculosis (TB) patients. Our goal is to share TB expertise and knowledge with clinicians from a variety of settings. The HNTC will strive to meet the individual needs of those clinicians who attend through assessment of their current knowledge and previous experience and matching the attendee's identified learning objectives with appropriate learning activities. The curricula are flexible and will support fellowship experiences of 1-5 days in duration, based upon the needs of the attendee. The location and sites involved in mini-fellowships are dependent upon the choice of curriculum. Modified Adult and Nursing Mini-fellowships are offered in conjunction with TB Intensive and Nurse Case Management trainings, respectively.


  1. Complete the application form, ensuring that you have described your experience in caring for TB patients, the specific goals and objectives you hope to achieve during this fellowship, and several possible dates when available to attend
  2. Return the completed application form to HNTC via fax number: (210) 531-4590
  3. Your application will be shared with your TB Controller for prioritization. If selected by your TB Controller for attendance, HNTC will then contact you regarding your acceptance, discuss your specific learning needs and curriculum, and determine duration of the fellowship and dates of attendance
  4. Candidates are expected to cover their expenses
  5. If you have any questions, please contact your TB Controller or HNTC at: 1-800-839-5864

Adult Mini-Fellowship Forms

Nursing Mini-Fellowship Forms