Clinical Tuberculosis Mini-Fellowship Overview

The Heartland National Tuberculosis Center (HNTC) is offering Clinical TB Mini-Fellowships targeted to clinicians (physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses) and to nurses (RN, LVNs) who would benefit from participation in an intensive learning experience in the public health medical management of patients with tuberculosis (TB). Our goal is to share TB clinical expertise and knowledge in a variety of settings. HNTC will strive to meet the individual needs of those who attend through assessment of their current knowledge and previous experience and then by matching the attendee’s identified learning objectives with appropriate learning activities. The curriculum is based upon the needs of the attendee; fellowship experiences may last 1 – 5 days. The in-patient learning experience is conducted at Texas Center for Infectious Disease (TCID), a 72-bed facility for the in-patient treatment of TB patients. The fellowship includes the opportunity for one-on-one learning experiences with an expert TB physician, participation in medical/multidisciplinary rounds, and case conferences.

The out-patient learning experience is conducted at the San Antonio Metro Health Department City Chest Clinic with Dr. Barbara Seaworth, Dr. Lisa Armitige, and expert nurse case managers. The fellow will learn evaluation and management of patients (adults and children) with pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB, drug resistant TB and latent TB infection (LTBI). The fellow may also participate in planning and implementing a contact investigation, view directly observed therapy (DOT) and participate in a weekly multidisciplinary case review.

If the timeframe allows, the fellow may also participate in a binational case conference (virtual) with Dr. Barbara Seaworth and nurse consultants (Catalina Navarro, Debbie Davila, and Salma Lerma) at addressing diagnosis and treatment of drug resistant TB disease, exposure, and TB infection along the Texas-Mexico border.

Benefits of participation include:

Health care providers may access consultation and technical assistance services by one of several methods, including:

  1. Experience in the evaluation and management of patients with advanced and complex pulmonary and extra-pulmonary TB, including multi-drug resistant and extremely drug resistant TB.
  2. Experience in the evaluation and management of patients with HIV/AIDS and other major impairments of host defenses.
  3. Experience with patients whose management is complicated by complex psychosocial, economic, and/or ethical issues.
  4. Experience in interpreting radiographs of patients with TB and other pulmonary infectious diseases.
  5. Experience interacting with local and state public health authorities in the care of TB.
  6. Experience interacting with providers and patients at the San Antonio Metro Health department (SAMHD) city chest clinic with evaluation of adults and pediatric patients as well as planning contact investigation and directly observed therapy.

How to apply?

  1. Complete the application form ensuring that you have described your experience in caring for TB patients, the specific goals and objectives you hope to achieve during this fellowship, and several possible dates when available to attend.
  2. Return the completed application form by using the ‘Submit’ button or via fax number (210) 531-4500.
  3. Your application will be shared with your TB Controller for prioritization.  If selected by your TB Controller for attendance, HNTC will then contact you regarding your acceptance, discuss your specific learning needs and curriculum, determine duration of the fellowship, and dates of attendance.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact your TB Controller or HNTC at 1-800-TEX-LUNG.

Note:  There is no fee for this mini-fellowship, but candidates are expected to cover their own expenses.